Scaling & Root Planing

Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease)

Peridontal disease is an infection of the tissues supporting your teeth caused by bacterial plaque. The byproducts (toxins) of bacteria in plaque can damage the attachment of your gums to the tooth, the periodontal ligament that holds your tooth to bone, and also cause bone loss around your teeth. Plaque that is not removed on a daily basis can harden to form calculus or tartar. We now know that gum disease is linked to heart problems. The bacteria in plaque can cause blood clots that induce heart attacks when escaping into the bloodstream. Gum disease may also increase your risk of strokes, diabetes, lung disease, pre-term low birth weight babies, lung disease and respiratory problems.

Treatment depends on the stage of disease present. The first step is a thorough deep cleaning that includes scaling to remove plaque and tartar deposits around the tooth and roots below the gum line. Medications in form of a pill, liquid mouth rinse or another form that the dentist could place directly in the infected area may be recommended to help control pain, infection and promote healing. Sometimes surgery is needed in hard to reach areas where healing is not taking place.

Through patient education, good oral hygiene care, and three month maintenance visits, we as a team can help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.


A professional cleaning that removes stains and tartar above the gum line, followed by polishing all the surfaces with a fluoride paste. Oral hygiene instructions are given to ensure the patient can maintain their teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime.

We stress the importance of 6 month visits to check for gum disease. It's a disease that can be prevented with regular check ups and good oral home care!