Preventive Dentistry


Prevention Is Most Important and Dr Pranjali and her team believe in the mantra of
“Prevention Is Better Than Cure”


      One of the most effective ways to help prevent tooth decay in children is proper exposure to fluoride. Fluoride may be present in community water supplies.

      Topical fluoride is provided by fluoridated toothpastes and rinses. Additional fluoride treatments are applied as needed by your dentist during regular check-ups.


Decay is common on the permanent back teeth (molars). Deep grooves and pits are present on the chewing surfaces. Food and bacteria hide and form cavities. It is impossible to clean all these grooves and pits.

Sealants are a white or tooth shaded material that is bonded to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, sealing off deep grooves and pits. Making it easy to clean.

Sealant is brushed on, then a special light is used to harden the material. The procedure is "child-friendly" because there is no need for anesthetic or drilling 

  • A tooth should be sealed soon after it has erupted. 
  • A newly erupted tooth is not yet fully calcified (hardened) and is susceptible to decay.
  • The sooner it can be protected by a fissure sealant, the better. 
  • These sealants will be checked by your dentist every six months, as part of the professional oral care program. 
  • The permanent molars are usually the teeth to be sealed.
  • Where pre-molar teeth are deeply grooved or pitted, they should also be treated. 
  • As much as 90% of all dental caries in schoolchildren occurs in pits and fissures. The teeth at highest risk by far are the permanent first and second molars. 
  • Baby teeth are not usually treated in this way. However, if the baby teeth are very decayed, it is a sign that the child is susceptible to tooth decay.
  • Sealants can be repaired or replaced if necessary.

Mouthgaurd is a flexible appliance made out of plastic that is worn in athletic and recreational activities to protect teeth from trauma. A helmet is a must while playing, cycling, skating & while riding a bike.