Welcome To The World Of Pediatric Dentistry!

We are a premier pediatric dental practice in Agra. We specialize in treatment of infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, and persons with special health care needs. Superior oral health is vital for a child’s development, and we’re here to help at every step of the way.
Dr. Pranjali and her team are committed to making your child’s first dental visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We understand the importance of establishing a good oral hygiene regimen early in a child’s life, and we provide children with the necessary knowledge and treatment to maintain a healthy smile.

Our practice strives to make this new journey for your child a fun and rewarding experience. There is no doubt...your child’s path to optimum dental health starts here at Nuface Clinic.
1. First Visit
2. Cleaning
3. Cavities & Pediatric Restorative Dentistry
4. Pediatric Endodontics & Pediatric Crowns
5. Traumatic Injuries
6. Preventive Dentistry
7. Oral habits & Malocclusion
8. “Single visit complete dental care” under General Anesthesia