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The Pre-orthodontic Trainer


The Pre-orthodontic Trainer can help your 6 to 10 year old child NOW!

The pre-orthodontic trainer improves the FACE as well as the TEETH by correcting the myofunctional habits that cause malocclusion. Thousands of children walk out of dental practices every day without the treatment they require.

Here is a typical scenario….from 6 years of age your child's teeth don't look right. The second teeth are coming in crooked, the upper front teeth are staring to protrude, there is not enough space for the newer lower teeth and the bite does not look right. This is confirmed by the Dentist but the advice is to wait until the child is older; then have braces and possibly extractions. Finally there is something that can be done to help now The Pre-Orthodontic Trainer was designed to provide growing children early treatment for their developing orthodontic problems, as soon as the need for treatment is evident. Crowding and jaw discrepancies are to great extent acquired, only a few are inherited. Habits such as mouth breathing, reverse swallowing and thumb sucking are the major causes.

The Pre-Orthodontic Trainer is a “Pre-orthodontic' brace that helps you to correct these habits as well as aligning the developing teeth. This will help future orthodontic treatment by making it less complex and decreasing the need for extractions.