An Exclusive Caries Preventive Program
Choose to be, CAVITY FREE!!!

It is our specialized preventive dentistry program customized to protect your child’s teeth. This program Educates and Motivates the parents by Implementing the principles of Preventive Dentistry for the treatment of dental caries.

 Ideally Ensuredent should be introduced as early as possible for maximum benefit and caries prevention.

This totally PAIN FREE preventive dentistry program works best when the parents and pedodontist combine their aggressive and sincere efforts for a caries free society.

We being specialists, emphasize on PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY & PAIN FREE DENTAL PROGRAMS designed especially for your child by categorizing them according to their CARIES RISK as LOW, MODERATE AND HIGH.


1. Free Cariogram customized for your child’s Caries risk assessment to identify the specific risk factors.
2. Free Scaling and tooth polishing.
3. Free Fluoride application
4. Free Pit and Fissure Sealant
5. Free Dental Health Education.