“Single visit complete dental care” under General Anesthesia


                                  UNDER GENERAL ANESTHESIA
Most of the patients having cavities are very young and in extreme pain and misery, it is but obvious that such patients are extremely uncooperative towards dental treatment, hence it becomes very difficult for a pedodontist and parents to effectively treat and manage a child throwing temper tantrums during the treatment in clinic.
To facilitate the provision of quality care, minimize the extremes of disruptive behavior, promote a positive psychologic response to treatment and promote patient welfare & safety, G.A and Hospital Dentistry, is an extremely popular and safe procedure even in patients suffering from mental, physical and emotional disability. It is a miracle of GA only that all teeth of a child can be treated in a single sitting effectively.
We understand that some children and young adults are so apprehensive and fearful that no amount of talking or calming by the dental team will allow the treatment to be completed. In these cases, Dr. Pranjali only uses the minimum amount of sedation medication to comfortably complete the dental care. Dentistry has come a long way to help children and young adults complete their needed dental care. For those children who just cannot handle regular dental appointments, there is hope with sedation dentistry.